Freshers’ Week Bucket List

You’ve heard lots about Freshers Week but you won’t really understand how awesome Freshers’ is until you experience it! We’ve got the ultimate bucket list for you to complete during Freshers’.

Freshers week is the most exciting time for any student; well, any first year students that haven’t yet discovered the woes and self-pity Freshers Week events provide, of course. It gives you a chance to meet your future flatmates, people from all over the world and explore your new city through tipsy eyes and a love for all things fresher.

Whether you’ve heard the myths of the guy who went out to a Fresher’s event and woke up in Paris or the girl that ended up with a chicken in the kitchen – you’ll end up writing your own rules and your own uni years exaggerated story. But just to get things started, here are a few of our 7 top musts for your Fresher’s Week bucket list!

  1. Budget your money

Okay, so we started with a boring one – and you’ll probably fail to love your bank balance and keep your money in order, but keep trying, you’ll get the hang of your student loan one day …maybe!

  1. Open your door

We understand that you’ll be super busy unpacking and making your room cosy, but leave the door open whilst you do it! This’ll let your new flatmates know that they’re welcome to come say hi! You’ll feel at home in no time once you’ve got chatting to your roomies.

  1. Attend the Fresher’s Fair

Okay, so another boring one (sorry!) but make sure you go to the Fresher’s Fair and check out what’s going on both on and off campus. It’ll mean you’ll have to get up early, and you’ll probably have a hangover, but you’ll get a supply of pens to last you ‘til you’re 40 and more lanyards than you’ll ever use – plus the free pizza is awesome!

  1. Get social with societies

Fresher’s Week is a great way to find societies that you may want to join, and an easy way to find like-minded people if you don’t click with your flatmates straight away. There’s something for everyone, so make sure you sign up for a few as soon as you get a chance!

  1. Cooking = Friends

Food is the best way to makes friends, so if you’re a good cook, or just love being in the kitchen – ask your flatmates if they fancy a roast dinner/movie night or a ‘family meal’ before you go out to the evenings Fresher’s event. No one turns down food and hopefully they’ll return the favour later in the week!

  1. Have a night out… or two!

Even if you’re not a huge drinker, try to get involved and brave it sober! Fresher’s Week really is the best opportunity to make friends, and even if you decide that you hate clubbing after a few Fresher’s nights – at least you’ll have witnessed some of the week’s gossip, and through sober eyes, you’ll remember it in the morning!

  1. Find the reduced aisle

The reduced aisle will quickly become your new best friend, because your student loan is obviously for more important things than eating, right? You may be living on pesto, brie and tasty treats at the moment, but once mum’s shopping has run out – you’re on your own! The reduced aisle will be a lifesaver in those ‘food or booze’ moments, and it’ll mean that you can often have both! Hooray, night made!

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