Moving Into Student Accommodation

Moving away from home to University can be a stressful and scary time. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the amount of planning you need to do and how little time you have to prepare for moving into student accommodation

Here are five ways to prepare for moving into student accommodation and still have fun doing it! 

The first step in preparing for your big move is to make a clear budget before you begin your term. This is because you will likely have so much information coming your way that financial management will be quite far down your list of priorities! Include accommodation, transport, food and drink, toiletries, insurance, equipment and reading materials, subscriptions and club memberships, socialising, clothes and self care, as well as an emergency fund for unforeseen expenses. Some student accommodation (Such as us at U-student) offer an inclusive price – including utilities, wifi, insurance for example. This can save money and worry. 

The second way to prepare for moving away from home is to engage with your health. Make sure you are up to date with vaccinations, checkups, eye tests and dentist appointments. Run through any medications, repeat prescriptions, allergy medications and supplements you need to keep your body in tip top condition. Sign up with a new GP and dentist thats handy for your university accommodation and check you have contact details. They will likely need your next of kin too.   

The third way to prepare for your move away is to keep a close eye on your family. For you this is the start of a hugely exciting part of your life – for your family/parents its a step you are taking away from them so they may well feel very emotional. Leaving your family can cause a great deal of stress so try to put something in place to ease the transition. Make sure they have contact details and agree a time for a call – at least while they get used to the idea! 

The fourth way to prepare for moving away from home is to engage in some mindfulness to keep your head space healthy and focussed. It’s a huge change you are about to go through. Spend time with friends you won’t be seeing for a while, swapping pics and keepsakes can be a great comfort if you do start to feel homesick. It sounds unlikely but even the most confident fresher can feel a bit lonely sometimes. Research the new area you will be living in, identify clubs and organisations that you will enjoy and who can help you if you do struggle.  

What to pack is our number five. Clothes of course! Avoid anything high maintenance – hand wash, delicate fabrics, dry clean only – even bright white items will cause that bit more work! U-Student accommodation includes an on site laundry to help you keep on top of your washing. Kitchen kit is really important – while you may not need a sushi knife, simmering pan and juicer – a few key items can save time and money. U-Student kitchens are fully equipped with everything you need. You might want to invest in a slow cooker – you can fling in a few cheap ingredients and come home to a hot, nutritious meal.  

These are just a few things to think about when it comes to preparing for your move to help make it a big success! 

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