Nights in with Flatmates

Staying in is the new going out?

Well not quite, but once in a while we all need to save a few pennies and plan some fun stuff that doesn’t break the bank! And what better way than have a few nights in with flatmates!

Plus you have your fab U-Student social spaces to use for your creative ideas!

We’ve brainstormed some better than Netflix nights in with flatmates:

Game night

From D&G to Cards Against Humanity – the choices are endless for a good old games night. Ask everyone to bring a favourite – team up – let the games commence.

Movie marathon

Who says film-watching can’t be competitive! The worst horror film, cheesiest 90s classic, funniest high school flick?? Pick a theme – get the snacks in – grab a scorecard and go! 

Cheese and Wine night

You could ask everyone to chip in to pick up a few bottles (Aldi has some great wines at surprisingly affordable prices – their Toro Loco Bobal Merlot £5.49 is a great start) some fabulous cheeses and a French stick. Some quick research will suggest good (and not so good!) pairings.

Not the Pub Quiz

Pick a quiz master (Or take it in turns for a round each!) and bring the pub home!

Great Student Bake Off

Bake your showstopper and shamelessly judge each other’s creations. Paul Holliwood masks are optional. 

Book club

Great for an ice breaker – ask for your flatmates’ favourite titles and discuss what you thought over a brew. This can be an ongoing, low effort, low-stress event. Make sure everyone gets a turn to pick.

Murder Mystery

At the other end of the scale! This one takes some planning and has roles for all personality types. Costumes? Check. Motives? Check. Weapon? Careful now!

Dinner Party

Make the most of the dining areas at U-Student with a formal dinner party. Why not assign courses to teams and get your best frocks on for an evening of delicious food and chat. You could even light a candle.


Take a leaf out of Tom Daley’s book and try your hand at knitting! Maybe you have a crochet whizz in your midst? Berets for everyone! You could make some Christmas pressies and save some £ at the same time.

Flower Arranging

Find a nice YouTube tutorial and pick up some budget flowers (look out for yellow stickers at the end of the day for bargains). You’ll soon have beautiful bouquets to adorn your student halls – even if they are in bean tin vases!

Takeaway Night

Chip in a little each and lay on a banquet! Try something new and you can all dip in! Unless you prefer your own.

Cocktail Night

Bring a bottle and have fun experimenting with flavour combos. Dust off those bottles of creme de menthe and get creative!  

Spa Night

Bring the spa to your student home! Save ££ with homemade face masks, paint your friends’ nails and try out some new hairstyles. Enya – aromatherapy diffuser – everyone deserves a bit of pampering.


You don’t even need a machine these days. YouTube is stuffed with music videos with lyrics – whack the TV on in the communal area and sing your hearts out.

What ideas have you come up with? Drop us a line and we’ll add them to our list!

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