The Best Part Time Jobs for Students in the UK

If you think you can have a healthy balance of working alongside completing your studies, then it’s definitely worth earning a few extra pennies!

Being a student can be expensive and we totally get why you’d want to work part-time! Identifying that you want a job is one thing but knowing what you want to do and what to search for is another. Job searching sites such as Indeed can be really useful when looking for potential jobs, but if you’re thinking about becoming a barista, finding some bar work or a job in retail then printing off copies of your CV and handing them directly to companies can work really well to as is an opportunity for your potential new boss to meet you!

So now you’ve decided you want a part-time job and discovered where you can find them but you’re still not sure what you want to do? Read on to see the best part time jobs for students in the UK.


Take your love of coffee one step further and handcraft coffee for customers! Most barista roles don’t require any previous experience with training given on the job. Plus, most coffee shops are open 7 days a week – meaning that you can easily work around your uni schedule!

Average hourly pay, UK: £9.58

Fast Food Server

There are various different roles within the fast food industry from food prep, drinks caddy or more of a customer facing role. You could ask your local chip shop if they have any work available or try a larger chain such as McDonalds, Burger King or KFC (it really depends, do you want to work for a colonel, a clown or a king?)

Average hourly pay, UK: £9.22

Sales Assistant

Can you provide outstanding customer service and enhance peoples shopping experience? If so, this might just be the role for you. As a sales assistant you’ll provide a 5 star shopping experience by living by the mantra that “the customer is always right!”

Average hourly pay, UK: £8.90


Be the friendly face that guests remember! You’ll need little to no previous experience for this job role as most employers won’t have an issue with training you in-house. You’ll be responsible for ensuring that the guests are comfortable and have everything they require as well as serving their food. Tips are generally a good perk of this job choice too.. bonus (literally😉)!

Average hourly pay, UK: £9.75

Bartender/ Bar Staff

Preparing drinks orders, making cocktails and pulling pints, does that sound like a bit of you? Restaurants and pubs are usually open until late at night, meaning you can free up your day and dedicate them to study time (and day naps during breaks!)

Average hourly pay, UK: £9.29


If you see yourself as having great organisational and customer service skills, then becoming a receptionist is definitely a job role you should consider! You’ll more than likely be the first face a customer sees in this role – so being approachable is a must.

Average hourly pay, UK: £7.95

Warehouse Operative

You’ll be lifting, picking, packing and wrapping orders ready to be sent off! This job may require you to lift and be on your feet for long periods of time which is definitely something to consider. Work hard to buy yourself some comfy new kicks with your first paycheck!

Average hourly pay, UK: £10.28

Happy job hunting! Which of these best part time jobs for students in the UK will you be looking out for? You can read more articles like this one on our blog page.

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