University Bucket List

Off to uni this year? Make sure to try out everything on this university bucket list and make the most of your time spent living away!

Going to university is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people which is why you should definitely make the most of it! Here’s everything you need to check off your university bucket list:

Go to a local music festival

This is the best way to see smaller performers in your local area and have a great day out with your uni mates!

Attend (and win) a pub quiz

For all you competitive ones – get yourself to your local for pub quiz night. Who knows… it might become a weekly hobby!

Do a movie marathon

Or binge-watch an entire series in one day… you choose! But you must have at least one movie marathon day whilst you’re at uni! Grab some snacks and watch your fave films back to back.

Pull the best April Fools prank on your flatmates

Obviously without taking it too far, plan the best April Fools prank to pull on your flatmates. Click here for some inspo. If you do anything fun, make sure to tag us on social media or use #UStudent!

Host a ‘Come Dine with Me’ style dinner party

You and your flatmates should take it in turns to host a dinner party where you will create three courses and provide entertainment. After you’ve all hosted a night each, you should rate each one and see who hosted the best dinner party.

Do the touristy things in your city

Don’t think that just because you live there, you know everything about the city! Go out and do the touristy things in your area… perhaps there is a boat trip or a food tour?

Go on an adventure

Tempted to travel? Hop on the cheapest flight, go exploring for the weekend and see where it takes you. Just remember to consider the price of hotels and the flight back!

Do a fundraiser for charity

You can be as creative as you want with a fundraiser – maybe that’s a skydive, a marathon or a jumble sale! Pick a charity of your choice, get planning and raise funds! Remember to get the relevant permissions! 

Host a games night

For those ‘quiet’ nights in, it would be fun to host a games night with your flatmates. Order a takeaway, pull out Cards Against Humanity and maybe a DIY quiz for a fun night.

Organise a Secret Santa gift exchange

Not only is Secret Santa a budget way of making sure none of your flatmates miss out at Christmas time, but it’s also a great excuse to get them the most ridiculous gift you can find. Independent shops are usually a great place to hunt for unique gifts!

Cook your flatmates a mega roast dinner (or Christmas dinner)

Before the new year, make sure to put on a big buffet-style roast dinner for all your flatmates. Enjoy a mini Christmas party and exchange your Secret Santa gifts.

Have fun completing this university bucket list – what activities will be on the cards for the second year? View more articles like this one here.

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