5 Tips for Avoiding Procrastination

With dissertations due and exams to prepare for, it isn’t hard to understand why the procrastination bug has bitten many students right across the country. If you are one of the many who just can’t seem to get down to business and get that essay written, then here are 5 top tips for avoiding procrastination.

1.       Plan Your Day

Essays and revision can be daunting, there’s no doubt about it, so take away the fear and plan your day accordingly; plan an hour’s work then a 15 minute break, and then take an hour for lunch. You will find that you are more inspired and more likely to work to a high standard.

2.       Get Up and Do It

Don’t put things off, as the longer, you leave it the more pressure you’ll put on yourself to get it done, and you will not produce work that is of the highest standard. We’ve all chosen to clean the kitchen instead of doing our essays, but they all have to be done in the end.

3.       Group Motivation

If you find it hard to work alone then don’t do it; work in a group instead. You can bounce ideas off each other, and even critique each other’s work so you can be sure that your dissertation or essay reads well. Take breaks together throughout the day, or even have a game of football to release the stress caused by a large workload!

4.       Keep Your Workspace Organised

There is nothing worse than trying to work in a cluttered room, so keep your books and files organised. If you can’t keep your room tidy and you’re attempting to work in a jungle of clothes, then head to the library or even outside (if it’s nice) and get it done there!

5.       Give Yourself a Goal

Work to targets throughout the day and then reward yourself when you hit them; it could be a simple present like a chocolate bar, or if you’re proud of your week of work then head on a night out – provided that your exam isn’t the next day of course!

Getting your work done is all about managing your time effectively. So don’t let yourself procrastinate and follow the tips above. You are more likely to produce a better standard of work this way, and also rid yourself of stress!

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