How to Study over Christmas

Read our blog to discover our top tips for keeping focused on your assignment this Christmas…

With the right advice however you can stay motivated, organised and on top of your workload, even during the Christmas period when you’d rather be doing something else. Read on to discover our top tips for keeping focused on your assignment this Christmas…

Create a timetable

Making the most of your free time isn’t easy, particularly when you’ll want to fit in catch up time with family and friends back home, as well as get involved in all the festivities the season brings. Creating a timetable will ensure you can have it all, and avoid the trap of time wasting, to complete your assignment ahead of schedule.

As well as creating and sticking to a timetable, set yourself small and manageable goals. If you’re writing an assignment aim to write a certain number of words each session or if you’re revising work to understand a certain aspect of your wider subject.

Be prepared

Preparation is the key to ensuring those assignments don’t stack up into a terrible and unclimbable mountain come Christmas. Heading to the library to study rather than working from your room is an excellent way to stay motivated, whilst making additional notes during lectures and taking some time to complete all your reading are worthwhile steps. Forming a study group has been proven to be an excellent tool whilst at university, with the peer to peer support received beneficial to all parties.

Limit and accept your distractions

Creating a safe, focused and distraction free environment certainly sounds ideal when getting down to writing an assignment during your Christmas break. But whilst switching off the radio and TV, shutting the door, putting your phone on silent, and shutting down your email and social media apps work, there are some distractions you just have to accept.

Not paying attention to such distractions is easier said than done. However, by naming and accepting distractions that you can’t limit, such as your parents busily prepping for Christmas Day downstairs, is the key to limiting the impact of distractions and focussing on your work.

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