Knowing your learning style

Knowing your learning style is super important if you want to study effectively. Whether it’s visual, verbal or physical, get to know yours to vital for uni.

So it is imminent, what every student fears the most (and it’s not the visit from the parents to your student accommodation).


It is the time of your student life to calm down on the parties and start planning to revise. But are you revising in the right way? We are all different, and everybody learns in their own style, so here is a list of the ‘seven learning styles’ so you can find the perfect style in which to revise.


This method is learning with the use of pictures and images. So try techniques such as poster making to get all your notes aesthetically pleasing and stuck in your mind for the big day.


Music is not permitted in exams, but it is a valid learning style. Learning through using sound and music is a recognised revision method. Try listening to online lectures and educational videos.


Some people find writing and speaking effective in revision. To make use of a verbal learning style, why not prepare yourself presentations and present them to yourself or your peers.


This method is learning through the use of movement, hands and sense of touch. So this method will be more beneficial to some subjects more than others. But try writing flash cards with short bursts of information. Reading them and rotating them will keep your hands busy and brain stimulated.


The logical style or mathematical learning style is using systems and logic reasoning.

1. Make lists

2. Learn lists

3. Revise lists.

4. Prove yourself right!


Social learning styles do not mean a trip to the pub! You will just find yourself learning better from group activities and bouncing ideas of each other. Find other social learners and revise together. Go get yourself some study buddies.


The opposite of social learners, if this is you then you find yourself learning and revising better on your own. You can guide yourself through your revision in the comfort of your room. You’ll find this style will come hand in hand with another from the ones in the list above.

Now, remember, tidy room, tidy mind. Make sure your study area is prepared and ready for your productive revision sessions.

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