Healthy Hangovers & Staying Safe

We’ve got some of the best tips and advice for students on how to stay safe when drinking and having a healthy hangover.

Sunday morning normally signals the most horrific hangover for some students, you had the most amazing time with your friends, but boy are you regretting those shots. A headache, a funny stomach, and the overall feeling of being hit by a truck, and you exclaim for all to hear ‘I’m never drinking again’… but yeah okay, sure you’re not. So because drinking alcohol is quite common amongst students. We’ve got some great advice for Healthy Hangovers & Staying Safe below.

Before drinking 

Eat a meal

Before venturing on a big night out, make sure you get a good meal that contains carbs, or fats, basically something to soak up the drink. It’s well-known that drinking on an empty stomach is a disaster waiting to happen, as the alcohol is absorbed into the body quicker. 

Still drinks 

Did you know that fizzy drinks speed up the absorption of alcohol? It may be hard to find any drink in a club which doesn’t contain a fizzy soft drink, and let’s be honest, gin and water doesn’t sound tasty at all.  Why not try having a still drink between each drink which is fizzy? 

Water, Water, Water. 

We’ve all heard someone say ‘i have a big glass of water before bed and that helps’ and actually it does. Alcohol is diuretic which increases the amount you go to the loo, which can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances, which result in a worse hangover. Drink lots and lots of water, before, during and after having a big night out. 

Know yourself 

Knowing your limits is very important. You may think you can handle a lot more drink than you actually can, just take it slow and be aware of how you’re feeling. 

After drinking


Pain relief can really help with easing headaches, aches and cramps that you may experience. But please be careful here to check the packaging for dosages and other rules when taking any tablets.


It’s important to carry on hydrating after you’ve stopped drinking. The next day, make sure to hydrate your body – water and soda water are some examples of some liquids which are gentle on a hungover stomach. 

Drinking myths 

It is a huge mistake to think ‘getting back on it’ will help your hangover. This is a really risky habit and you could simply be delaying the symptoms of a hangover, not getting rid of them. 

Vitamins and Minerals 

Eating food that is full of vitamins, minerals and sugars which you may have lost will help your body get back into a good balance. So maybe a McDonalds or a pizza isn’t the best idea. 

We know that students like to go out, party and socialise whilst at University, this can be a great part of the whole Uni experience. We also understand that this isn’t going to change, so please drink responsibly, take care of yourself and take care of others when consuming alcohol. 

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