Smoothies for your 5-a-day

Smoothies are fantastic for people on the go! So students! But sometimes it can be hard trying to get your 5-a-day every day between all the lectures, seminars and enjoying student life.

Smoothies are fantastic for people on the go! So students! But sometimes it can be hard trying to get your 5-a-day every day between all the lectures, seminars and enjoying student life.

So these smoothies below are a great way of getting in a few vital portions of fruit and veg which will help you reach that daily goal! Check out these smoothies for reaching your 5-a-day.

Two-minute Breakfast Smoothie

A great slow-release breakfast that you can make in 2 minutes!

Two-minute breakfast smoothie

Whizz up a low fat breakfast smoothie in no time. Use banana with other soft fruit, plus honey for a little sweetness and oats for slow-release fuel

Sunshine Smoothie

We don’t know what’s in it, but just going by the name, we LOVE it! 

Sunshine smoothie

Start your day off with a little ray of sunshine – a low-fat smoothie that’s one of your five-a-day and tasty too!

Green Breakfast Smoothie 

Don’t be put off by the colour, this green smoothie is packed full of goodness 

Green breakfast smoothie

Blitz healthy ingredients for an energy-boosting breakfast. Using unsweetened brown rice milk fortified with calcium and vitamins makes it more nutritious

Super Berry Smoothie 

A big lover of berries? Then this smoothie is for you! And you only need 5 ingredients 

Super berry smoothie

Frozen berries are a thrifty way of creating a healthy smoothie – pad it out with oats to make it extra filling, from BBC Good Food.

Banana Smoothie 

Looking for a smoothie that is gluten-free? This is the one for you, plus its delicious 

Banana smoothie

Quick and easy to make, this banana, prune, almond milk and nut butter smoothie is an ideal on-the-go energy boost

Creamy Mango & Coconut Smoothie 

A taste of the tropics, this smoothie will take you to a paradise island beach in 5 minutes! 

Creamy mango & coconut smoothie

Measure all the ingredients or use a tall glass for speed – they don’t have to be exact. Put them into a blender and blitz until smooth. Pour into 1 tall glass (you’ll have enough for a top up) or two short tumblers. Cut the passion fruit in half, if using, and scrape the seeds on top.

Vitamin Booster Smoothie 

This smoothie gives you a much-needed vitamin boost every student needs 

Vitamin booster smoothie

Up your vitamin quota with help from this bright and fresh smoothie. Orange, carrot, celery and mango pack a nutritious punch

Minty Pineapple Smoothie 

The mint in this smoothie gives it such a fresh taste that’s super refreshing 

Minty pineapple smoothie

There’s more to smoothies than fruit – this green blend contains spinach, oats, linseeds and cashew nuts too

Raspberry and Apple Smoothie 

This tart smoothie is a great start to the day and a great way to up your fruit intake 

Raspberry and apple smoothie

Whip up a breakfast smoothie with raspberries, apples, yogurt and oats. It’s a great way to start the day and up your fruit intake

Peach Melba Smoothie 

This tasty smoothie has rather an unusual ingredient, but makes so much sense! 

Peach Melba smoothie

Ingredients STEP 1 Drain and rinse peaches and place in a blender with raspberries. Add orange juice and fresh custard and whizz together. STEP 2 Pour over ice, garnish with another spoonful of custard and a few raspberries. Best served chilled.

Smoothies for reaching your 5-a-day goal is a great, simple and super tasty idea. They’re also ideal for students in a rush and excellent for getting a quick and filling breakfast. For more smoothie recipes click here. It can also be hard to find food which is easy to eat on the go, so click here for some ideas.

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