What to do when you’re missing home

There are hundreds of ways that you can ensure that this homesickness is kept to an absolute minimum though. We’ve got some great ways to feel better about missing home that you can try.

It’s the first month of uni. You’re still buzzing at finally breaking loose from the shackles of living at home. You’ve loved picking your own meals, going to bed whenever you want and never, ever having to turn your music down. This first month is undoubtedly one of the most freeing and exciting of your entire life. But when it comes to an end, you just might start missing mum’s home-cooked meals and sleeping in the same room you’ve had since you were a kiddywink. There are hundreds of ways that you can ensure that this homesickness is kept to an absolute minimum though. Here are 3 of our favourites.

Family Meal Night

No, we don’t expect you to ship your family across the country so your mum can cook you her extra-special bangers and mash. We’re referring of course to the army of pals that you are sure to gain in your first month. After all, they say the family of the 21st century is made up of friends. It’s a simple concept: everyone chips in a bit of dosh and you take it in turns to cook your favourite home-cooked meal for the whole group. Not only do you get to experience your own favourites but you are sure to find a few new ones too. It’s basically Come Dine With Me without the voice-over.

Joining the Gym

Keeping yourself occupied is the key to making sure that you don’t focus too hard on homesickness. Whether you outrun the treadmill or juggle the free weights like a demon, once you’re in the zone you’ll hardly spare a thought for home. Just pop in those earphones or drag your friend along for the ride and you’ll be all set. Add to that you’ll be getting healthier too, so long as you, y’know, actually visit the gym and not just let the membership card fester, forgotten, as a bookmark.

Smash your Studying

It might seem obvious, but studying is a great way to keep your mind busy. Sometimes uni work can just feel like a blur of words that don’t make a jot of sense. But by stuffing your nose into whatever text your tutor has set (with scant regard for your social life), you’ll have no time to even consider what’s going on at home. I mean, do you think Hermione Granger gave a second thought to what her dad was watching on TV while she was studying Defence Against the Dark Arts?

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