Clearing- What to do

Going to University through Clearing is extremely common. With over 65,000 students using the service to gain entry to a University in 2019. However, if you’ve not planned on going through Clearing, it can seem daunting, so here’s a bit more info on what to do.

Everyone talks about Clearing and what happens if you have to go through Clearing like it’s some sort of dreaded thing. But Clearing is far from something to be worried about. Okay so you don’t get an offer from one of your choices, that is fine. Clearing gives you so many other options. 

So what is Clearing?

Clearing is a way for colleges and Universities to offer places they still have on their courses. There is no guarantee to what courses will have spaces year after year and how many spaces there will be. You can use clearing if you’re applying late, if you didn’t receive any offers, if you didn’t meet the conditions of offers and if you decline your place. 

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Important points to consider

  • Use the UCAS official vacancy list to view what courses are available, it’s the most up to date 
  • Consider different subjects. There may not be the exact course you wanted to do, but there will be variations, look into the modules and find out what they will include. What are the entry requirements? How is the course structured? How will you be tested?
  • Check regularly. Places may become vacant a little later than others.
  • Will you be accepted onto the course? You may be reconsidered for the same course and you can also receive informal offers over the phone from Universities or Colleges. 
  • Check whether there is accommodation at or near the university before you accept a place.
  • If you can, visit the campus and take a look around. If not, most colleges or Universities offer virtual tours or virtual open days.

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And remember Clearing is such a great opportunity, it is not the end of the world, it’s just another way of applying for College or University.

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