Mental Health Awareness Week

This years theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is Anxiety. Something a lot of people suffer with in silence, especially uni students.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a global event that promotes awareness and education about mental health issues. This year’s theme is anxiety, which is a common mental health problem that affects many people, particularly university students. Anxiety is often a silent struggle, and students may feel uncertain about where to seek help or support.

At university, students face numerous stressors such as deadlines, financial instability, assignments, social pressure, homesickness, and future job prospects, which can all contribute to the feeling of anxiety. It’s crucial to recognise that anxiety is a real condition that can affect anyone, and it’s essential to seek help if you are struggling.

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Week is anxiety, and the Mental Health Foundation website provides useful information on the subject. The website offers tips on managing anxiety, how to support others who are struggling with anxiety, and useful resources that students can access. To find out more click here.

For students struggling with anxiety, it’s essential to know that there are several help services available. Anxiety UK is a charity that offers help and support. These services are; text service at 07537 416905, which is open from 9:30 am to 17:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Additionally, they have a ‘Ask Anxia’ chatbot which is available 24/7 for all anxiety queries at

University help –

Students can also access Helpline services for more information and support on their universities website;

It’s important as university students that you do reach out for help if you feel like you are struggling with anxiety, or any other mental health issues. Visit any of the websites given today for support, and please reach out to your GP if you are struggling.

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