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Free things to do this weekend in Carlisle

Free things to do this weekend in Carlisle

With Fresher’s Week, Christmas and the New Year out the way, student budgets can get a little tight come the spring. This doesn’t mean you have to spend the next five months in hibernation however. Carlisle is one student city that has tons of stuff to do and to see, and most attractions don’t charge you a penny. Explore the city you’re studying in by checking out these fun and free attractions in the area.

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5 places you need to visit in Carlisle

One of the happiest cities in the country, Carlisle is known for its unquestionable beauty and the nearby Lake District. Sprinkled with historic landmarks, award-winning attractions and open parks, the Great Border City combines the city environment with a close community.

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Those first year university myths busted

Those first year university myths busted

Those first year university myths busted
When it comes to your first year at university, as excitement builds and moving dates get closer, many students get themselves worked up with all kinds of misconceptions. As a leading provider of student accommodation in Sunderland, Carlisle and Aberdeen, we’ve heard it all.

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Keep Calm on A-Level Results Day

These final few days before A-Level Results Day can be a particularly stressful time. However well the exams did or didn’t go, it is natural to feel nervous as the big day approaches. While it seems as though literally everything is riding on the results and not getting what you need will be the end of the world A-Level results aren’t the be-all and end-all. Don’t believe us? Here are some inspirational quotes that prove we are right!

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Clean up begins following Carlisle Floods

Following Storm Desmond and the weekend floods the true impact and devastation of the aftermath is evident across Carlisle and Cumbria.

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u-student carlisle

8 reasons to stay at u-student Carlisle

So you’ve decided which university to attend and which course to study – but now you need to choose some student accommodation. Halls can be the perfect place to make friends and become familiar with a new city, so it’s important to live somewhere that feels like home.

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What to Do When You’re Missing Home

It’s the first month of uni. You’re still buzzing at finally breaking loose from the shackles of living at home. You’ve loved picking your own meals, going to bed whenever you want and never, ever having to turn your music down. This first month is undoubtedly one of the most freeing and exciting of your…

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Video Games That Will Stop You Studying (Part One)

By the time you get to university you’ll be finding plenty of excuses not to study. There’s unpacking to be done, Facebook to browse, TV you just have to see. The list. Is. Endless. Eventually cries of, ‘I can’t tonight, I’m going out with the Society’ pretty much become your catchphrase. Seriously, how do you…

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Four Fab Fictional Friends

They say the friends you make at university are the ones you keep for life. These are our picks for the best friends we wish we could have.   Daria and Jane Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane were the cynical Queens of the MTV generation. And they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Not…

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Affordable Nights Out

Many people consider their time as a student to be the happiest days of their life. You’re young, free, without responsibilities and it doesn’t take 3 days for you to recover from a night out. Of course, attending university is primarily about studying and getting a qualification to improve your career prospects, but you will…

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