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Summer in Sunderland – a student’s guide

Summer is fast approaching, which means many people’s thoughts are turning to how they’ll spend those sunshine filled, carefree months. If you are a student studying in Sunderland, don’t make plans to spend summer at home just yet. Sunderland comes to life during summer, with a number of events and festivals to enjoy. Discover the events in Sunderland and the surrounding area that should take pride of place in your calendar this year.

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14 places you need to visit in Sunderland

The hub of North East heritage, Sunderland’s mix of city, coast and countryside means there’s always something to see and do. With a wealth of year-round attractions, the city boasts wide sandy beaches and a vibrant music scene.

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9 things to know about the University of Sunderland

Going to university will probably be the best few years of your life – but there’s a lot you need to know before starting the journey. What are the support, advice and student union like? Will a night out set you back £10 or £100? Is the accommodation going to feel like a home away from home?

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£4 million investment for Sunderland Student Village

£4 million investment for Sunderland Student Village

£4 million investment for Sunderland Student Village
U Student Group have announced a major investment into their Sunderland
property The Forge on Neville Road, U Student have been accommodation
partners to University of Sunderland since 2010

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Whats On Bonfire Night North East

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. The popular poem has gone hand in hand with bonfire night for ages and is a great autumn night out. Here is our pick of whats on bonfire night north east.

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What’s on for Halloween

The nights are getting darker, there’s a chill in the air, the month of October see’s in one of our favourite celebrations of the year – Halloween! There are many activities on and fun and frolics to be had; here is our rundown of what’s on for Halloween.

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Settling In at The Forge U Student Village Sunderland

Settling In at The Forge U Student Village Sunderland. Welcome to a new year at The Forge! Fresher’s week is at its end and you will all be settling in, meeting your new flatmates and making new friends, waiting for your uni lectures to start.

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Choosing your student accommodation

For students coming through the clearing system the choice of student accommodation will have taken a back seat to decisions about university and course. Where you live (and who you live with) is an important part of university life so once your course place is secured you need to start organising accommodation.

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Keep Calm on A-Level Results Day

These final few days before A-Level Results Day can be a particularly stressful time. However well the exams did or didn’t go, it is natural to feel nervous as the big day approaches. While it seems as though literally everything is riding on the results and not getting what you need will be the end of the world A-Level results aren’t the be-all and end-all. Don’t believe us? Here are some inspirational quotes that prove we are right!

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Top 10 Sunderland Student Highlights of 2015/16

The academic year has drawn to a close and what a year it’s been! Here are our top 10 Sunderland student highlights of 2015/16

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