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All the latest news, reviews and events.

Student Life

Film Night

The biggest night in the film industry, the Oscars, may be over but there are some exciting new releases due for March. So treat yourself to a film night by grabbing some popcorn, and if you can’t decide what to see here are some suggestions.

Posted in: Cinema | Entertainment | Out and about | Student Life


Christmas Shopping

With Christmas only being less than five weeks away, a lot of people are starting their Christmas shopping preparations. Here are some pointers on getting your Christmas shopping organised and when to get those best deals.

Posted in: Holidays | Shopping | Student Advice | Student Life


Whats On Bonfire Night North East

Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. The popular poem has gone hand in hand with bonfire night for ages and is a great autumn night out. Here is our pick of whats on bonfire night north east.

Posted in: Entertainment | Nightlife | North East | Out and about | Student Life | Sunderland | Things to do Newcastle


What’s on for Halloween

The nights are getting darker, there’s a chill in the air, the month of October see’s in one of our favourite celebrations of the year – Halloween! There are many activities on and fun and frolics to be had; here is our rundown of what’s on for Halloween.

Posted in: Nightlife | North East | Out and about | Student Life | Sunderland


Settling In at The Forge U Student Village Sunderland

Settling In at The Forge U Student Village Sunderland. Welcome to a new year at The Forge! Fresher’s week is at its end and you will all be settling in, meeting your new flatmates and making new friends, waiting for your uni lectures to start.

Posted in: North East | Student Advice | Student Life | Sunderland


Top 10 Sunderland Student Highlights of 2015/16

The academic year has drawn to a close and what a year it’s been! Here are our top 10 Sunderland student highlights of 2015/16

Posted in: Events | Nightlife | North East | Student Life | Sunderland

Alternative Sports in Sunderland

Football is a major passion of the north east, and with Euro 2016 it will seem the world’s gone football crazy. If football is not your thing here are some alternative sports in Sunderland to try.

Posted in: Entertainment | North East | Out and about | Sport | Student Life | Sunderland


Moving Out Tips

The academic year is drawing to a close and once exams and deadlines are over most of you will be thinking about moving home for the summer holidays. Here are our moving out tips for making a smooth move.

Posted in: Student Advice | Student Life

End of year 'to do list'

End of year ‘to do list’

For many of you the academic year is almost over and soon enough you’ll be on your way home for the summer holidays. Before heading home though why not tick some of the End of year 'to do list'

Posted in: North East | Out and about | Student Life | Sunderland

Surviving The Family Trip Home

Life at uni can give you many things, one of the biggest being the sense of independence. You can live your days exactly how you want. That often changes when you return to your parents for family holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Here are some tips on surviving the family trip home

Posted in: Student Advice | Student Life