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9 things to know about the University of Sunderland

Going to university will probably be the best few years of your life – but there’s a lot you need to know before starting the journey. What are the support, advice and student union like? Will a night out set you back £10 or £100? Is the accommodation going to feel like a home away from home?

It’s sometimes hard to gather the information you need to answer these questions – but you need to know you’re making the right choice. To make it that bit easier, Caitlin Irwin talks us through 10 things to know about the University of Sunderland.


1. It is one of the top ten universities for student accommodation

En-Suite Bedroom


Having somewhere fun to stay is one of the most important parts of your student experience. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time and meet people you’ll probably be friends with for the rest of your life. Luckily, the Telegraph ranked University of Sunderland student accommodation as one of the top ten in the entire county.


2. It boasts the fifth-best students’ union in the country

2 (facebook.com)


Students in Sunderland are well looked after – partly because the students’ union. A good student union is vital to enjoying your time at university as it’s the place to turn to you ever have a problem or need help. They also actively engage in campaigns and work with students to make sure everybody has the best experience possible.


3. Students rated it the best university in the North East…

3 (matthaslam.wordpress.com)


When students across the country were asked to rate their university, the University of Sunderland ranked the best in the North East. This meant it beat the likes of Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Teesside University and Durham University – an impressive feat.


4. Sunderland ranked as the best city to live and work in the UK

4 (telegraph.co.uk)


Sunderland has been rated as the best UK city to live and work in – based on factors including housing, travel, jobs and crime.

A survey of 2,000 people from across the UK saw Sunderland named as the nation’s favourite place to live, the survey was carried out in 2018 by OneFamily.


5. There are more than 60 teams, societies and groups to join

6 (thestudentroom.co.uk)


No matter what your interests are, you can guarantee that there’s something here for you. From scuba diving and cheerleading to debating and equestrian, the University of Sunderland offers an overwhelming array of things to do and activities to try.


6. The facilities are beyond amazing

7 (livesonline.sunderland.ac.uk)


With a 3D cinema, a 24/7 library, award-winning radio stations, state-of-the-art television studios, countless Apple computers, SimMan models for science students, and more, the City Campus and St Peter’s Campus boast some amazing facilities. You’ll also have access to climbing walls, gyms, Olympic-sized swimming pools and much, much more.


7. Sunderland is officially one of most affordable cities in the UK


If there’s one thing you look for as a student it’s a city that won’t bleed you dry – and that’s a guarantee in Sunderland. Not only is it one of the top ten most affordable cities in the country according to the Telegraph, the North East as a whole is cheaper too.


8. One-pound drinks and cheap trebles are standard

9 (sunderlandecho.com)


If you’re from anywhere else in the country, £1 drinks and £3 trebles – that’s three shots with your mixer – probably won’t be the norm. But here in Sunderland they are. So in addition to being one of the most affordable cities for student accommodation, you can guarantee that nights out will be affordable as well.


9. First-years can claim a travel pass or £500 off accommodation

10 (sunderland.ac.uk)


Hundreds of pounds off your accommodation or the opportunity to travel round the whole of Tyne and Wear for free – it’s a great dilemma to have. Barely any universities will offer you a deal anywhere near this good simply for becoming a student. You’ll be so grateful for it once you get here, no matter what way you play it.

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