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5 ways the 2015 Budget affects students

The 2015 Budget has been announced, but nobody’s telling us just how it affects students. That’s why we’ve made a list. As you can tell, we’ve taken it very seriously. You can find out how much you’ll save by using the BBC’s Budget calculator.



1. Beer is cheaper!

Admittedly by only 1p per pint, but still…

Happy friends drinking beer at counter in pub, chatting with fem


2. Spirits are cheaper!

Again, only by a bit, but still…



3. And driving is cheaper!

Good news for students with cars… so barely any…



4. But wine costs the same…

To be fair, if this was cheaper you’d probably end up thinking about life as deeply as this guy…



5. While smoking is more expensive…

But this is obviously a good thing… right?


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