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Our planet in pictures – a celebration of Earth Day (part one)

An annual event celebrated on April 22, Earth Day exists to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Established in 1970, it is held across 192 countries and encourages activities that focus on environmental issues. We’ve listed some stunning images (part two here) to highlight its importance:


1. The Amazon basin


Amazon Basin 2


2. Antartica




3. Antwerp, Belgium


Antwerp, Belgium


4. The coast of Argentina


Argentinean Coast


5. Australia


Australia 2


6. Australia, Antarctica and the Southern Lights


Australia, Antartica and the Southern Lights


7. Bamenjing Reservoir, Cameroon


Bamenjing Resovoir, Cameroon, Africa


8. Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand 2


9. Betisiboka River, Madagascar


Betisiboka River, Madagascar


10. Cancun, Mexico


Cancun, Mexico 2


11. Cayman Islands, Caribbean Sea


Cayman Islands


12. Colorado River, United States


Colorado River, United States 2


13. Crater Lake, OR, United States


Crater Lake, Oregon


14. The Earth


Earth 2


15. Egmont National Park, New Zealand


Egmont National Park, New Zealand 2


16. Great Sand Dunes, CO, United States


Great Sand Dunes, Colorado


17. Holuhraun, Iceland


Holuhraun lava field, Iceland 2


18. Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia


Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia


19. Kīlauea, HI, United States


Kilauea volcano, Hawaii 2


20. Lake Mackay, Australia


Lake Mackay, Australia 2

(All photos from NASA)

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