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Things to consider before organising your year abroad

Students will begin to organise their year abroad in the Christmas period and whether you want to study in Paris or party in Amsterdam here are some things to consider before you finalise those plans.

What will the food be like? Don’t underestimate how important it is of liking the food in the country of your choice! Imagine being in a place full of food you don’t like, what you going to do?

What will the weather be like? Do you hate the sun? make sure the country of your choice has acceptable weather for you. There is absolutely no point in going to a place like Russia if you don’t like the cold. It would just be a waste of money!

And can you physically travel there?  No doubt you can organise flights/buses but if the curiosity gets the better of you and you want to adventure out to the bush land, make sure you have organised travel and that it is safe! The main thing is to get out there and experience all these different places, food and way of life!


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